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Green Apple Design was founded in Carlow to ensure businesses of any size stand out in today’s crowded marketplace using the power of professional graphic design and marketing. Getting noticed and attracting new clients doesn’t always depend on how great your product or service is, it depends on visibility and effective design and marketing.



Design For


Our Beliefs

Take a Stand

It's perfectly natural to want to fit in, to stick with what's familiar and play it safe. For a brand, playing it safe is dangerous business. To stand out, you must be willing to take a stand.

Stay Open & Inspired

Inspiration is an attitude, a readiness to entertain the illogical, to go beyond personal taste, embrace what you may initially dismiss, to ask questions and remain curious.

Great Ideas Take Time

Developing breakthrough ideas can often take a lot of time and effort but not always. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones to first emerge.

Brand Identity

We move from our strategic foundation into a rich visual identity that gets the world talking and people engaged. We are curious when we explore and brave where we choose to land.

Prototype Early & Often

Branding strategies, mission statements, and positioning concepts are quite often essential and always helpful. The real test however is creative execution.

Fully Responsive

Keep it simple. If a brand strategy or campaign rationale is difficult to comprehend, it's probably wrong. The best brands are built on a simple core concept.

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