Wordpress training services Carlow

WordPress Training Services

With WordPress training in Carlow you’ll be equipped to post content designed to boost your Google ranking.
When used properly, WordPress can profit your business. We offer virtual WordPress training sessions to both novices and seasoned web developers.
Started with WordPress

Getting Started with WordPress

Luckily WordPress has made creating and maintaining your website quick and simple. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can run your business website in no time.

First, you will need a hosting service for your website. Next, select a domain name that draws viewers to your site.

As part of our WordPress training services, you’ll learn how to use the dashboard to customise your site. There are numerous themes to choose from or you can create your own with the help of our web development services.

use the WordPress

How to use the WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is easy to use and beginner-friendly. It allows you to control every aspect of your website.

As part of our WordPress training services you’ll learn how to customise your site’s appearance by activating your preferred themes.

The WordPress dashboard allows you to install different plugins, manage users, and even change your dashboard colour scheme. You can also view the number of posts you've made and answer the reader’s comments.

Creating Your Blogs

Creating Your Blogs & Content Pages

As part of our WordPress training services, we will teach you how to create a blog and include multiple content pages.

Creating a blog post is simpler than you think. Once you log in to your dashboard, click on Posts>> add new >> enter the title of your blog post >> enter your content >> select a featured image >> add a tag(s) and select a category(s) >> hit publish.

To create a page, log in to your dashboard, click on pages >> add new >> add page title >> add content >>check document setting >> save as draft and preview >> publish page.

Site Management

Site Management

Managing your WordPress website can be time-consuming. However, with regular maintenance your site mitigates risks such as hacking, site downtime, and loss of data.

We cover all the best practices involved for running your website. This includes installing a backup plugin, storage of this data and the WordPress plugin marketplace.

If regular maintence becomes too much for your weekly or monthly tasks, we offer maintenance support for new or existing clients.

Wordpress training services Carlow